Career Alternatives for Teachers

Leveraging teaching experience into a new career

According to a 2019 PDK poll,

50% of teachers have considered quitting teaching.

Additionally, a longitudinal study performed in 2007-2012 by the US Department of Education indicated

17% of new teachers were no longer teaching after 5 years.

You may be considering leaving teaching due to...

  • Concerns about safety and logistics during COVID-19 pandemic 
  • Low compensation for hours worked
  • Unstable employment due to budget cuts and school closures
  • No room for advancement or a desire for a new challenge 
  • Burn out from the classroom, parents, and/or administration 
  • Poor work-life balance
  • Safety concerns
  • Sick of the politics and standardized testing
  • Or maybe your just looking for a side hustle or a part-time gig

You are not alone!

What We Do

We will educate you on alternative career paths you can begin to pursue today.

We will guide you through necessary steps to transfer your teaching skills to a new career.

We will feature interviews with former teachers who have successfully made the switch to a new career

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Former teacher performing actuarial work

Teacher to Actuary

image of a teacher on summer break on a laptop

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